Rabobank yli bitcoin

rabobank yli bitcoin

participating in a cover-up when regulators began asking questions in 2013. Toward the end of January 2018, the Canadian government voiced similar fears. Calling it the future of payments, Rabobank made the following statement emphasizing that it did not feel threatened by the new industry, and instead viewed it as an opportunity: We are seeing only the beginning of a new phenomenon that according to the experts and. Ironically, the banks high standards appeared not to include a code of ethics, as the bank subsequently pleaded guilty to money trafficking as part of the Mexican drug trade. After allegations of providing misleading information to officials and fabricating the truth when questioned on laundering linked to Mexican drug sales, the branch finally admitted guilt for their part played in the operation.

Barclays record in particular had been sketchy, with frequent reports of account freezes and shutdowns surfacing over the past few years. The old and the new world have to and will find each other this is what parties on all sides are looking for. Rabobank is npt the first institution to publicly bash bitcoin, only to be found guilty of money laundering shortly thereafter. For now, paper money and coinage will continue to exist as normal. Artikel über Kryptowährungen geschrieben. Advertisement advertisement, rabobanks New Website and Communal Response. Which means that cryptocurrency does not meet the highest standards of compliance set by Rabobank. Rabobanks California unit confessed accepting an amount equal to or greater than 369 million between 20, from illegal drug-related activity that occurred during this period.

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