Reddit miksi bitcoin kaatua

reddit miksi bitcoin kaatua

I got scammed, and I did lose a big amount (north of 1 BTC) I tried to find some information on the scammer behind btcmixer but unfortunately I just kept bumping into fake information. In the discussion following up people encouraged people like him and me* to to set a patreon page. Yesterday on New York Bitcoindevs meetup in the discussion about the recent inflation bug Matt Corallo stated that many people would be happy to hire talented open source developer to improve the future development of bitcoin. footnote * Personally I am very lucky and grateful that fulmo lightning (the organizer of the lightning hackdays) is sponsoring my open source activities.

October 24, 2018, 12:05:00 AM (Moderator: EFS ) Author, topic: BitcoinTR Reddit Sayfas (Read 1209 times). It does not compare to a developers paycheck but I can survive on it and do what I think is important for lightning so I am fine. Luke actually set up the patreon page (see here for a proof of authenticity luke is currently the #9 contributer to bitcoin (by counting his 300 contributions). The moral of the story is, be extremely careful when mixing your BTC (or any other cryptocurrency for that matter) because there are a lot of scammers out there. So I hope the community will show gratitude especially for a person that already proofed to provide so much great work.